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Licht ist beim Film alles und wichtiger als Kamera, Auflösung, Codec, Linsen usw., wenn es gut werden soll, setzen Sie Licht und wenn es noch besser werden soll, setzen Sie mehr Licht.

Eine wunderbare und bewährte Methode um schönes, weiches Licht zu erzeugen, das die Schauspieler regelrecht einzuhüllen scheint, ist das sogenannte
» Book Light «.
Diese Beleuchtungsart wird und wurde von Gaffern und DOPs eingesetzt, um einige der bekanntesten Szenen der Filmgeschichte zu kreieren, dabei ist sie sowohl einfach wie sehr kostengünstig anzuwenden.

Was Sie benötigen, um ein Book Light zu schaffen, ist eine möglichst helle Lichtquelle (z.B. ein leistungsstarker HMI-Strahler), ein Reflektor und ein großer Diffusor.
Ein Book Light ist im Grunde nur eine Lichtquelle, die mit einer zusätzlichen Lichtstreuung versehen ist. Das Licht wird hierzu im 45-Grad Winkel zum Reflektor positioniert, welcher am hinteren Rand mit dem Diffusor zusammenläuft, wie ein aufgeschlagenes Buch eben.

Grafik Book Light 

Indem Sie den Abstand zwischen Ihrer Lichtquelle und dem Diffusor vergrößern, können Sie nun bestimmen, wie weich das Licht sein soll.
Je größer der Abstand, desto weicher wird das Licht.
Spielen Sie ausserdem mit unterschiedlichen Reflektoren und Diffusoren, um verschiedene Arten der Lichtqualität zu erzeugen. Für den Bounce/Reflektor können Sie z.B. die folgenden verwenden: Schaumstoffkern, gebleichter/ungebleichter Musselin, weißes Bettlaken oder ein weißes Handtuch. Als Diffusor können beispielweise weiße Diffusionsplatten, Silent Grid Cloths, Frost, oder auch einfach alles andere » milchige « und halbtransparente Material verwenden werden.

  • Creativity
    Brand Awareness

    Embedded deep in the foundation of our work is the conviction that our work should always be above industry standards and exceed the expectations of our customers. The development process of any project vision requires meticulous preparation, professional experience, creative thinking and a production company that can dream your dreams with you. That is why every single cinematic journey from concept to completion develops into a lasting partnership with us. This is soLoud!media.

Industry specialties

Diversity is the spice of life

Working in different industries is the hot sauce for our every day and diversity creates an environment that is driven by fresh thinking and creativity. This allows our team to see your brand from ever new angles that inspire us to come up with unusual and spicy ideas for your and deliver measurable results.

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soLoud!media is offering more:
Video Consulting
Making a film and simply uploading it to the net is like printing flyers and putting them on the counter in your own shop - it's no use. Just as important as the production is the delivery of your video content. And that' where our consulting service comes in!

1. development and improvement of online marketing campaigns.
2. development and production of corporate videos, commercials, product videos and high-quality video content.
3. design of landing pages for various marketing campaigns.
4. continuous, regular support of social media channels.
5. design, programming and support of powerful websites.
6. creation of compliance and training videos for your employees.
7. video documentation of company events.
8. automated funnels to increase your customer base, generate leads and/or recruit new employees.
9. training of staff.

Your Own Talkshow
In your own talk show, you tell the story of your company, describe what makes your brand stand out and where it still has to go. For moderated content, our editor, reporter, presenter and talk show expert Anneke Ter Veen is at your side with a great deal of empathy, wit and know-how. With her expertise and television skills, Ms Ter Veen is also part of our permanent creative team.
We will gladly train your employees to produce their own content. How do I step in front of the camera, how do I use my voice, body language, technique etc. are part of the content.
The right cast is at least as important in a film as story, technique, music and look. Of course, looks also play a role here, but most of all it's the acting talent that counts. Thanks to our large network and our experience, we are sure to find the right cast for your project.
Production Fixer
We are happy to assist you as a production fixer in Germany or Orlando, FL. We schedule interview partners, take care of filming permits, crew and technology, in short, we make sure that everything goes smoothly.
  • Every film project is an opportunity to create unique experiences for your audience.

    The storyboard for success

    We are visual storytellers who believe that creativity should have no limits. Whether it's discovering new and improved ways to market your brand, innovating in a growing technological age or simply telling your story, we have the recipe for a successful project.
We like to share and even more so we like to help. Read our exclusive " Industry Insides " and find out interesting facts from the areas of film production and marketing, as well as about our current projects.

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