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The moiré effect

Do you know the moiré-effect? I'm pretty sure you do. It's this annoying "shimmer"occuring in checkered or striped shirts on TV.
Anyone making films and having to deal with 8-bit material from time to time, i.e. from drones, will inevitably come accross material someday, which seems impossible to recover due to some bad case of moiré.
But don't you worry! I'm here to help. With a simple trick you can quickly master the situation and remove the moiré almost completely.

The solution: reduce moiré

First, your material must be loaded in Adobe After Effects. Make sure the color depth of the project is 16 bit.
Now create an adjustment layer above the material to be edited and load a Gaussian Blur. Set blurriness to 5 and change the transform mode from normal to color, that way only the color channel is affected. You should already see a very significant improvement.

One step further

If you want to go one step further, you can also track the problematic area and use the blur only where it is actually needed.


If the results of the Gaussian Blur still are unsatisfactory, the Median Grain filter can be used instead.

Have fun trying it!





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