» Away down South in the land of traitors, rattlesnakes and alligators.. «.

» I've seen you drink like Hemingway! And now one shot knocks your socks off? «

» That's how we roll down here in Florida «

Producer: David Wuerdemann, soLoud!media
Idea: Joe Gales; Screenplay: David Wuerdemann und Konstantin Georgiou (Unbound Evil, C.L.E.A.N, Someone Dies Tonight);
DOP: David Wuerdemann Director: Konstantin Georgiou
Musik: CocoaBeats & Peter Patzer (Bekegg Studios); Visual Effects: Hammer Visuals
Production Design: David de Stefano



The hunt for the psyochopath who mutilated and killed his wife and daughter leads high society insurance broker Michael into a murky swamp of organized crime, drugs and sex that seems to be swallowing him whole before he learns to tell friend from foe.


After a psychopath brutally mutilates and murders his wife Marie and daughter Eva, Michael embarks on a desperate hunt for the killer. His only clue a strange symbol painted in blood on the wall by the predator. Soon, however, Michael's search leads him into a swamp of organized crime, drug and gun smuggling, more murders and sex. He finds himself in danger of sinking into the abyss, with gambling debts, depression and addiction to pills driving him further and further into the muck. When violent ganglord Mitya sets him a deadly ultimatum to pay his debts and on top of that Michael's girlfriend, self-absorbed stripper Darja, puts him under pressure, he decides to rob his best friend Sebastian in order to start a new life. But when Sebastian arranges a lucrative business deal for him in Florida, Michael finds himself in a conflict of conscience that he can only lose. On the joint business trip to the U.S., however, an unknown, dark side of Sebastian surfaces and just when it seems to Michael that he is on the right track, it leads to an unexpected and consequential reunion with the killer.


1. Michael Lange - is an ace in an international insurance company. Loses his wife and daughter in a gruesome murder.
2. Sebastian Fochmann - is Michael's best friend and owner of the forwarding company Fochmann International. He is very wealthy and like Michael, has a teenage daughter.
3. Dmitry Kuznetsov (Mitya) - is an unscrupulous serious criminal. He runs several strip clubs and a whole bunch of other businesses. He has previous convictions for robbery, drug deals, aggravated assault, inciting prostitution, possession of weapons and much more. Michael has debts to him from gambling and drug deals.
4. Darya - Michael's stunning but self-absorbed girlfriend. She is a dancer in one of Mitja's clubs.
5. J.D. Worthfield - Wealthy American businessman.
6. Steward B. Worthfield - J.D.'s good-for-nothing son. Always involved in shady business deals
7. Patrick - is in the same party scene as Sebastian and Michael, but they don't notice him at all. Darja considers him a close friend.

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